Financial Services Copywriting

Looking for a financial services copywriter, with big bank, credit union, fintech and insurance experience? Close the other browser tabs your search is over.

The financial services industry is a rapidly changing and competitive landscape. Technology developments, increasing numbers of savvy fintechs, regulatory changes and the customer demand for transparency makes for an increasingly crowded market.

You need a unique voice to stand out from the crowd and be heard. As a financial services copywriter, I am dedicated to helping you win clients, increase the number of products per customer and grow lifetime value.

A financial services copywriter is a blue chip investment

By choosing a specialised financial services copywriter you are working with someone who understands marketing, writing and the regulations and requirements of the finance industry.

Need someone who knows a line of credit from an offset account? Or a managed fund from an EFT? Someone who can explain the difference between a small and large-cap stock? 

You’ve found it right here. 

I can take a seemingly dry and jargon-filled subject and make it interesting, easy to understand and engaging. At the same time building trust with your audience and establishing you as an authority in your field.

With a marketing and economics degree, I have the added advantage of being RG146 compliant. Which means your staff can concentrate on client and customer work. And the writing can be handled by someone who has the experience and knowledge to keep your legal and compliance teams lid on their red pen.  

A speciality financial services copywriter is a cost-effective solution when compared to big advertising agencies who work across a broad range of industry verticals. 

Financial service businesses I have worked with

financial services copywriter

How a financial services copywriter can help

  • Whitepapers
  • Direct marketing
  • Product disclosure statements
  • Customer or client letters
  • Infographics
  • Annual reports

If you need a copywriter who not only understands banking, investing and money but knows how to write about it in an engaging way. I’m the financial services copywriter you’ve been looking for.

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Website SEO Copywriting

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Brochure & Direct Mail

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Editing and Proofreading

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Blog Copywriting

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Email Newsletters

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Cath Fowler Marketer and Copywriter

I’m Cath Fowler

I have more than 14 years experience in marketing and copywriting for brands big and small. I am ready to help your brand turn complex jargon filled topics into readable content that connects and converts.

Clever Copywritng School Approved Copywriter
SEO Website Copywriting and Marketing
Sarah West
Sarah West
04:57 28 Jun 18
I recently engaged Cath to complete an SEO Audit for my website. I chose Cath because she came highly recommeded to me. I found working with Cath to be a breeze. Cath is a fantastic copywriter, explains the reports well and is very honest. The amount of work she did was above and beyond what i expected and I loom forward to working with her again.
Michael Hutson
Michael Hutson
12:21 10 May 18
Cath recently completed an SEO Audit on our website. The process from start to finish was quick and easy and you can tell Cath loves what she does. Being based in Perth it was great to be able to speak to Cath via video linkup to discuss the results and action plan. Cath came very highly recommended and she did not disappoint!
Sugandha Bhargava
Sugandha Bhargava
01:00 09 Feb 18
Catherine is a powerhouse when it comes to writing copy for your business - she is able to take your vision and personality and infuse that into words that sell and reflect your brand perfectly. Her marketing knowledge (SEO etc) is a great complement to her copywriting services too. Def recommend.
Leila Staff
Leila Staff
00:11 09 Feb 18
Cath's marketing and copywriting helped take my business to the next level. She helped me prepare proposal letters and approach large customers with confidence. She goes the extra mile with further advice and a friendly down to earth approach.
Rachel Cassidy
Rachel Cassidy
23:19 08 Feb 18
I used Cath Fowler’s services a number of times. Her copywriting skills are the best I’ve come by. In particular, she’s assisted me with developing persuasive email copy and writing engaging blogs which have helped drive my website traffic. I’ll be in touch with Cath soon to assist me with my SEO – I have complete confidence my site will be in safe hands.
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